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Hi, Welcome to my new blog post on DailyLife Mastery.

As I had told in my last blog post, I will publicly share my goals on this blog.

So this year, I have committed to accomplish the goals, I am going to show you right now.

Before I will tell you My New Year Resolutions 2021, I would like to tell you why people don’t set goals?

Why People Don’t Set Goals/ New Year Resolutions 2021?

Brian Tracy says, there are four reasons people don’t set goals:

They think goals are not important

people are not aware of how important the goals are in their life. If you are born in a family where nobody has goals, there are a lot of chances that you will grow up without the ability to set your goals and it affects you more than anything else in your life.

They Don’t Know How

The second reason that people don’t have goals is that they don’t know how to set goals in their life. I was one of them but after reading many books on how to set goals and actually achieve them, I have some ideas and now I am going to apply those to my own life first.

I used to set goals like, I will make more money, I want to have a nice car, I want a nice family, and many more, but these are just the series of dreams and wishes not goals.

A goal, however, is clearly written, very specific, I can measure it and I know when I will achieve this.

They Have a Fear Of Failure

The third reason people don’t set goals is the fear of failure. I have a fear of failure while setting my own goals, and all of us have experienced failure from time to time. Each time we try to avoid failure in the future and because of this we don’t set our goals and end up going through life functioning at far lower than truly possible for us.

They Have A Fear Of Rejection

The fourth reason that people don’t set goals is because of fear of rejection. We are afraid that if we set a goal and could not achieve it, what would people say? People will make fun of us. That is why brain Tracy said don’t show your goals to anyone keep them confidential. Show your results, what you have accomplished, but don’t tell them in advance. This way you won’t get hurt.

But I have decided to share my new year’s resolutions 2021 publicly and the way I am going to achieve them.

My New Year Resolutions 2021

So now without any delay, I am going to show you my new years goals for 2021

  • I will start an online business that will help me earn 10k rupees a month by June 2021.
  • I will easily read 30 books by December this year.
  • I will gain 5 kg muscle weight by Jun 2021.
  • I will be debt-free by June 2022.
  • I will buy Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 1.8GHz Intel Core i5) by July 2021.
  • I will meet Sandeep Maheshwari this year.
  • I will save 2 lakh rupees total as an emergency fund by December 2021.
  • I will travel to Kerala in November.

Overview Of Goals

  1.  I am going to start an online blog business that will help me make at least 10k rupees a month by June this year so that I can pay my loan EMI without any worries. Till now I am not making any money online, I am fully dependent on my job salary.
  2. I have committed to read 30 books this year. reading is one of the best habits I have developed. It has been said, ” Reader are leaders”.  Actually, I love reading books on self-development, mindset, and business.
  3. I will gain 5 kg of muscles. I am skinny since childhood. I will make myself physically fit. I have set a morning routine for exercise and physical training.
  4. I have taken a loan from the bank for some domestic needs. I have decided to repay this loan by my salary by June 2021.
  5. I am working with a 3-year-old Dell laptop which is not working properly now, sometimes it creates a problem also. that is why urgently I need a good laptop to work and I have decided to buy Apple MacBook Air by December 2021.
  6. Sandeep Maheshwari is my inspiration, in fact, he is an inspiration to many students in India. I have decided to meet him somehow before this ends.
  7. I will save 2 lakh rupees as an emergency fund. Right now, I have 1 lakh rupees cash in the bank.
  8. I want to travel to Kerala with my family. I love this place, I have been there in 2018 once again I want to go there.

I will keep sharing updates about the goals listed in this post.

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