Welcome To DailyLife Mastery

Welcome to DailyLife Mastery

This is my first blog post on dailylifemastery.com 

I am really inspired by Stefan James founder of project Life mastery. in fact, I am trying to follow the steps he has followed in his journey to achieve his goals. He is a true inspiration for me to start my own blog DailyLife Mastery because his journey of success is a set of examples.

I am following him since 2016 and whatever he has achieved throughout his journey is truly inspiring.

I have learned a lot through his blog posts and youtube videos, You can watch his journey from the beginning on his blog projectlifemastery.com

Why I started DailyLife Mastery

As I told you the inspirational journey of Stefan James was one of the main sources of motivation for me to reorganize my life.

The way he has achieved his goals in terms of health, relation, spirituality, and finances, has shared all the strategy step by step on his blog and YouTube channel as well.

I am also trying to get my life on track and will achieve the goals in my life as well.

What I will write on DailyLife Mastery

I will write about the goals I will set in my life in many areas like health and fitness, finances, mindset, and habits. I will publicly write about my goals and the strategy I am going to use in order to achieve them.

So It will be accountable for me to check my goal progresses and the goals reports.

I read a lot of books and this is one of the best habits I have before adjusting my life on track and I feel great about this.

One Last Thing

I will write whatever I will learn in my life on DailyLife mastery blog. If you are also like me, you can join the journey of success with me.

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